Application Performance

Visual Performance Manager provides the performance information to optimize the delivery of application services whether you are deploying new applications or optimizing application delivery. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the user can quickly scan the health of critical business applications, problematic remote sites and servers, and isolate the root cause of performance issues. The application performance management solution in Visual Performance Manager includes the Application Performance Appliance and software on the Visual Performance Manager Server.

  • Deploy
  • Manage
  • Solve
  • Optimize

Deployment of new applications and WAN services can be challenging in today’s complex network environments. Some of the most challenging aspects of change lie in datacenter consolidation, MPLS WAN migration, and implementation of Voice over IP.

An inability to baseline server and application availability across a distributed enterprise before change can cause an organization to be “flying blind” when attempting to integrate new applications and people. The key is to be able to measure the effectiveness activities both before and after change. The solution is to gain in-depth visibility throughout a distributed infrastructure reporting up to a single point of reference to report server and application availability.

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