About Us

Based in Colorado Springs, CO, USA, Visual Network Systems, formerly Fluke Networks Systems, is part of the Danaher Corporation. Danaher is a Fortune 250 company with revenues exceeding $11B (2009). Visual Network Systems was created; separate of Fluke Networks, to take advantage of the growing application performance management market opportunity.

Our Vision

Our solution provides unique insight into data from the network and the application performance allowing unique visibility into user and customer experience. It also takes this information and pushes it into IT management systems. Many customers today are investing in Business Service Management initiatives and our architecture is geared to be able to provide bi-directional integration into BSM systems. This is what we refer to as our Enterprise Service Intelligence Strategy. It’s built on a foundation from a network touchstone, then layered with application and internal user profiling and ultimately external customer performance.

These capabilities help IT increase incident management operational efficiency, improve the accuracy of IT incident business impact reporting and increase the visibility of the impact of the infrastructure on the business and users.

About Visual Performance Manage

Our Company’s flagship solution, Visual Performance Manager (VPM) is a unified system for the management of application, network and VoIP performance. The solution collects data from native sources such as the Application Performance Appliance (APA) and Network Performance Appliance (NPA) and can incorporate 3rd party data such as Cisco WAAS. Visual Performance Manager is available directly to enterprises, as a SaaS (software as a service) purchase or as a managed service through our Carrier partners. Leasing options are also available.

The Value of Visual Performance Manager – Visual Performance Manager (VPM) bridges the gap between business goals and customer experience by aligning disparate IT support groups with line of business owners. With integrated views and unique data correlation, Visual Performance Manager enables effective management of your applications delivered across the enterprise.

VPM Connex

VPM Connex is a web services platform that allows third party solutions to integrate with VPM, and benefit from the breadth and depth of visibility into application, network and VoIP performance. Visual Performance Managers processing of analytics through data correlation and intelligent alarms make VPM Connex a valuable addition to IT process automation and BSM initiatives.

The bi-directional integration that VPM Connex provides between VPM and IT Process Automation and help/service desk solution helps organizations improve incident management efficiency and the accuracy of IT incident business reporting.

Our Presence

Visual Network Systems is a Global organization with offices throughout the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific. We offer fully staffed technical support lines based in Europe and the U.S., installation and configuration services and free software upgrades to our maintenance customers.

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