VoIP Performance

Having a strategic plan in place for VoIP performance management with visibility from edge-to-core throughout the VoIP lifecycle is imperative to having a successful VoIP deployment experience. Consider each phase of the VoIP lifecycle: Assess, Monitor and manage and Optimize

  • Optimize
  • Assess
  • Monitor & Report

With real-time and historical troubleshooting capabilities, users can quickly identify, isolate and resolve poor performance at any site. For site-specific problems, administrators can investigate sites in detail to discover VolP performance decline. For intermittent problems, administrators can investigate individual calls in detail to determine the cause of poor performance.

Visual Network Systems recommends a pre-deployment assessment of your network before rolling out a VoIP solution. Our partners at Fluke Networks offer NetAlly® Network Assessment software for that purpose.

The network pre-deployment assessment is specifically designed to assess the readiness of the network, and certify the performance for supporting VoIP applications prior to deploying VoIP traffic. The assessment process is divided into three different phases, each of which has a definite objective in the overall assessment scheme.

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