Driving Business

The challenge – Delivering Business Services

The fundamental challenge of any IT organization today is aligning the delivery infrastructure with the business goals. In order to achieve alignment, IT organizations need to have visibility and control over how the performance and changes in the infrastructure impact application and business service delivery. This insight is integral to bridging the gap between business goals, customer experience and Information Technology.

Today’s IT is all about delivering consistent, high quality user experience thereby improving business productivity and impacting the bottomline. In an effort to achieve Information Technology and business alignment, IT organizations have started to implement Business Service Management (BSM) initiatives with the goals of improving workforce productivity through better business services delivery and to reduce operating costs by improving the efficiency of IT.

Our Vision – Enterprise Service Intelligence

Enterprise Service Intelligence (ESI) is Visual Network Systems vision to help IT professionals and business stake-holders understand the true impact of the IT infrastructure on mission critical applications and business services. The implementation of ESI demonstrates the value of IT in the business context by delivering insight into individual user experience, application and network performance.

This vision delivers insightful, sharp and actionable intelligence and the means to act on it to support critical business services. A high level, holistic view is driven by Visual Performance Manager (VPM) with integrated workflows built on a unique data correlation engine. With a broad portfolio of data collection technologies, VPM enables true effective management of applications delivered across the enterprise.

Effective delivery of business services includes not only management of end user experience, but combined with the performance management of the underlying application and enterprise network components. VPM, with its array of data collection technologies, real-time data correlation and analysis, and extensible multi-tenant platform, forms a cornerstone for Business Service Management initiatives.

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