Top Five Tips To Travel Safe And Sound

As fun as travelling can be, there are a lot of attached risks and troubleshooters that come with it. The most unexpected things can happen to you, your health or your belongings when you travel and more often than not, you will have little to no help to figure things out. If you are solo travelling, these risks multiply by several fold as you will have to make sure to be self-sufficient and figure the solutions out all by yourself. Given below are a few tips and guidelines that one can follow to be sure to travel safe and truly enjoy your trip

  1. Learn the place

Get to know your destination in as much depth as possible via internet search and word of mouth. In addition to really understanding the basic roadmap of the place, what is really important is to understand and be aware of travel scams. Tourists are the biggest source of revenue for cab drivers and other commuters. If you are lucky, you can make out when a person is trying to fool around with your money but there are many professional con artists that are ready to loot you.

  1. Keep your close ones updated

It is one of the most important things to do while travelling to inform your family or friends about your whereabouts and let them know the address and contact number of the place you are staying at. If you are hitchhiking, take extra care to update at least one person every time you have connectivity to do the same. Regardless of whether you’re going, on a medium-term trip or a month-long global voyage, it’s constantly a smart thought to tell companions or family back home. Before you leave, send a duplicate of your agenda or basic itinerary to individuals who can monitor your whereabouts and that you can confide in. Check-in routinely with your contacts so they know you’re the place you should be.

  1. Blend in

It is easy for the locals to pick out a tourist and further exploit them.

Pick subtle attire that won’t stand out. Be attentive when taking a gander at maps and approach individuals cautiously on the off chance that you have to request headings. Likewise consider spending time, money and thought into defensive dresses and gear that will make it progressively hard for pickpockets to take cash and other important items.

  1. Always carry copies of important documents

You can never be sure when the need arises that you will have to pull out a copy of an important document such as your driver’s license, PAN card, passport or Aadhar card. And at the time, a Xerox store or a copier might not be easily accessible. Make sure to also always carry a few passport-sized photographs along with you

  1. Safeguard your belongings

Whether it is back in the room that you are staying at or it is handy with you, lock and bolt your personal belongings in every way possible. It is quite easy to get robbed in a neighbourhood that you are not familiar with and nobody is responsible for your belongings like you are.

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